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Welcome to Specialist Logistics, where we specialise in unlocking global possibilities for your business. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to tackle the complexities of international shipping. Our team of experts ensures that your cargo is handled with care and precision, delivering it securely and promptly to any corner of the globe. When you choose us as your sea freight services provider, you're choosing unwavering reliability, efficiency, and a partner dedicated to your success.

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Your Trusted Partner for Express Courier and Sea Freight Shipping

Full container load (FLC) sea freight service

Full Container Load (FCL)

Choose Specialist Logistics as your trusted sea freight forwarder for professional, cost-effective global transport solutions. Our well-equipped services are tailored to handle a wide array of cargo types, with dedicated experts ensuring your shipping needs are met efficiently, all at competitive rates.

Less than container load sea freight shipping

Less than Container Load (LCL)

Optimize cost-effective, reliable cargo delivery by paying only for the space you use. Integrate LCL into your shipping strategy to ensure timely freight delivery, inventory control, and cost management.

break bulk shipping

Break Bulk Shipping

Our Break Bulk Shipping service offers secure, reliable, and on-time delivery for your specialized freight. From construction equipment and vehicles to oil and gas machinery, ship propellers, steel parts, turbine blades, oversized engines, or pipes, we handle them all with utmost care.

reefer sea freight shipping

Reefer Shipping

Specialist Logistics, your B2B sea freight partner, prioritizes the freshness of your perishable cargo. Rely on our Reefer Shipping with temperature-controlled containers for secure, on-time delivery, ensuring your sensitive goods maintain their quality, globally.

dangerous goods shipping - sea freight shipping services by specialist logistics

Dangerous & Hazardous Goods Shipping

Rely on us for secure sea freight of hazardous materials like pharmaceuticals, explosives, gases, corrosive substances, flammable liquids and solids, oxidizing substances, lithium batteries, dry ice, and fuel cell engines. Our unwavering commitment to safety and compliance assures your cargo's protection.

cargo insurance services

Cargo Insurance Services

Our comprehensive insurance coverage ensures your goods are safeguarded against unexpected risks, offering you peace of mind and security throughout the shipping process. Rest assured; your cargo is in safe hands with Specialist Logistics.

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Why Choose Our Sea Freight Services?

24 hour support for sea freight services

24/7 End-to-End Support

Our expert team handles all your shipment needs, from freight queries to weight, routing, and rates, providing a comprehensive and responsive service.

all in one solution for sea freight shipping

All-in-One Solution

From FCL to LCL, Break Bulk, and Roll-On/Roll-Off, we have it all in one place.

expertise in sea freight shipping

Global Freight Expertise

We offer our services globally, reaching even destinations like Afghanistan and South Africa.


What determines the cost of the sea freight?
FAQs - Freight Forwarding Services

The cost of sea freight depends on factorslike cargo weight, volume, shipping route, distance, and any extra services needed, such as insurance or customs clearance. Contact us today for a personalized quote.

What is the typical duration of sea freight shipments?
FAQs - Freight Forwarding Services

Sea freight duration varies depending on the shipping route, destination, and factors like weather and customs procedures. While we always strive for efficiency, it's important to consider potential delays, which can affect the overall timeline of your shipment.

How do I track my sea freight shipment?
FAQs - Freight Forwarding Services

When your cargo is booked with us, a unique shipment reference number is generated. You can use this reference number to monitor your sea freight shipment's location and status in near to real time. For personalized assistance, our 24/7 support team is also available to provide you with immediate tracking information and address any inquiries you may have.

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