Mastering Business Relocations Your Path to Seamless Transitions

At Specialist Logistics, we excel in crafting tailored relocation solutions for businesses, ensuring seamless transitions for employees, their families, and entire company departments to their new destinations. Trust us to streamline the process and deliver excellence at every step, making your transition a truly seamless experience.

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international relocation services by specialist logistics

International Relocation

When it comes to international relocations, trust Specialist Logistics to navigate the complexities of global moves. Our international relocation expertise includes detailed planning, secure packing, customs clearance, and seamless transportation to ensure a smooth transition to your new destination.

local relocation services by specialist logistics

Local Relocation

Experience a seamless local relocation with our highly professional team of movers and packers. Whether it's an office move or corporate transition, our services are expertly tailored for an effortless experience within your local area.

Dangerous Goods

Commercial Relocation

Our strategic planning, secure packing, efficient transportation, and expert setup minimise downtime and ensure asset safety. With Specialist Logistics, your commercial relocation is a smooth and worry-free experience.

fine art relocation services by specialist logistics

Fine Art & Antique Handling

We ensure your items are expertly packed, transported in a climate-controlled environment, and handled with the utmost care. Trust us for a seamless and secure relocation, where the safety of your valuable pieces is our top priority.

vehicle relocation services - specialist logistics

Vehicle Relocation

Our specialised vehicle transportation service ensures your fleet's secure and timely transfer, minimising downtime and maintaining your business's mobility. We combine cutting-edge logistics technology with the expertise of our dedicated team to provide a comprehensive solution.

warehousing services - specialist logistics relocation services

Warehouse & Inventory Relocation

As an experienced relocation company, we specialize in ensuring a smooth transition for your inventory. Trust us to manage every detail of your warehouse move with precision and care, making the process smooth and hassle-free for your business.

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Why Choose Our Relocation Services?

relocation customer support

24/7 End-to-End Support

Our expert team handles all your shipment needs, from freight queries to weight, routing, and rates, providing a comprehensive and responsive service.

all in one relocation solutions

All-in-One Solution

From FCL to LCL, Break Bulk, and Roll-On/Roll-Off, we have it all in one place.

relocation specialist

Global Freight Expertise

We offer our services globally, reaching even destinations like Afghanistan and South Africa.


How long does the relocation process typically take?
FAQs - Freight Forwarding Services

The duration of the relocation process varies based on several factors such as volume of belongings, the distance, complexity of the move, and any additional services required. We aim to provide an estimated timeline during the quote process based on your precise needs.

Do you provide storage facility for the items that need to be temporarily stored during a relocation?
FAQs - Freight Forwarding Services

Yes, Specialist Logistics offers secure storage options for items during relocations, ensuring your belongings are safe until you're ready for delivery at your destination.

Do you handle both domestic and international relocations?
FAQs - Freight Forwarding Services

Yes, we specialize in both local and international relocation services. Our experienced team ensures efficient management of your move, whether it's within the city or across borders.

Do you provide packing and unpacking services?
FAQs - Freight Forwarding Services

Certainly, we provide a comprehensive rang eof packing and unpacking services designed to optimize your time and resources.Our skilled packing specialists with handle the packing with utmost care using high-quality materials. We also offer assistance with unpacking and setting up your new space.

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