Customs Clearance

Simplifying Customs Procedures for Smooth Trade

At Specialist Logistics, we recognize the intricate nature of customs regulations and the time it consumes. That's why we offer extensive customs clearance services to expedite the smooth and efficient movement of your goods across international borders. Our mission is to simplify the customs process for you, ensuring your international trade ventures run seamlessly. Partner with us for professional customs clearance service and experience a smoother global trade journey.

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Document Preparation for Customs Clearance

Customs Document Preparation

Streamlining customs documentation is fundamental to a smooth import and export process. Rely on our expertise to manage the thorough paperwork, guaranteeing all essential documents are in perfect order for a hassle-free customs clearance.

Import & Export Customs Clearance Service

Import & Export Clearance

Our expertise in customs clearance services streamlines the movement of your goods across international borders. We ensure compliance with customs regulations, reducing the risk of delays and ensuring your shipments reach their destination on time.

Project Cargo Customs Clearance Service - Specialist Logistics

Project Cargo Clearance

We excel in managing oversized and intricate shipments, with tailored planning, regulatory compliance, specialized equipment, speed, and risk mitigation. Trust us to expedite your project cargo's journey and ensure compliance.

Import & Export Tax for Air Freight Customs Clearance

Import & Export Tax

Navigating import/export taxes is crucial in international trade. Our customs clearance service covers strategic planning, tariff classification, duty drawback, compliance, and audit support. Let us handle tax complexities as you focus on your business.

Streamline Your Trade with Expert Customs Clearance

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Why Choose Customs Clearance Services?

Streamlined Processes for Air Freight Services

Streamlined Processes

We've established valuable partnerships with customs authorities and key associates, enabling us to make customs clearance smooth and your cargo transit swift.

Risk Mitigation for Air Freight Customs Clearance

Risk Mitigation

As your customs clearance agent, we provide expert insights to proactively mitigate risks in global trade, securing your shipments and ensuring a safe journey for your goods.

Industry Expertise of Customs Clearance Services

Industry Expertise

Our team's deep understanding of ever-evolving customs regulations and trade laws, locally and internationally, empowers us to ensure your shipments meet all compliance requirements.


How Long Does the Customs Clearance Process Take?
FAQs - Freight Forwarding Services

The customs clearance process duration varies based on factors such as port of loading, the type of declaration, description of goods, and country of origin. Typically, if all the documentation is in order, clearance can be completed within 24 – 48 hours.

What Factors Can Cause Delays in the Customs Clearance Process?
FAQs - Freight Forwarding Services

Delays in customs clearance services may occur due to various factors, such as port congestion, delays in cargo retrieval, documentation issues, delayed customs processing, customs inspections, equipment-related issues, and the influence of natural elements on transportation.

How much does customs clearance cost?
FAQs - Freight Forwarding Services

The cost for customs clearance service varies depending on factors like type of products, the specific services you require, and the complexity of the customs process.
Contact us for a personalized cost estimate and expert guidance.

Which Documents are Required for Customs Clearance?
FAQs - Freight Forwarding Services

The following documents are commonly required for customs clearance:

· Commercial Invoice
· Bill of Lading
· Packing List
· Certificates of Origin
· Import/Export License
· Importer Security Filing (ISF)
· Insurance Certificates

The specific documents needed may vary depending on the customs declaration types and the regulations of the exportingor importing countries.

Why should I use Specialist Logistics to do my customs clearance?
FAQs - Freight Forwarding Services

As your custom clearance agent, we take full charge of your customs clearance process, guaranteeing the smooth import and export of your goods across borders. Our customs clearance experts minimize the risk of border delays, ensuring your shipments reach their destination on schedule and intact.

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